SLAYS was established under the leadership of National Academy Sciences in Sri Lanka (NASSL) with a view to bring early career scientist together to create new opportunities that facilitate progression of science in Sri Lanka. SLAYS believes very strongly that scientists need to do more to contribute to society, than simply advancing their individual research agendas. Therefore, SLAYS is now growing as a multi-disciplinary organization and offers its membership to suitably qualified young scientists and professionals. During this year the first initiative of SLAYS is broadening its membership criteria. SLAYS now facilitates entrance of scientists from various disciplines. Junior scientists are encouraged to join as affiliates, while fully qualified scientists (PhD and equivalent) are invited to join as full members.




Organized Jointly by Sri Lankan Academy of Young Scientists (SLAYS) and National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka (NSF) and sponsored by Hayleys Lifesciences (Pvt) Ltd


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